One(1) of the dangerous road on the earth

Dangerous Road in North America

Summer is always a favorite time for everyone. People go on vacation with friends and family members but when winter starts nobody wants to go outside.

Dangerous road
Dangerous road

As you can see road conditions in Photography during snowfall. You can’t even see the road line properly. At that time, my friend was driving and he faced a lot of problems to drive in such weather. I have been talking to so many truck drivers as well, mostly drivers never want to come here in the wintertime. Reasons are as follows

1Bad road conditions
2No cell phone service
3-30 degrees centigrade temperature

Finally, I think people have to care his and others as well on the road when they driving in such a condition. Follow the rules properly and use winter tires on the vehicle. I am not criticizing anyone it is nature but precautions should be followed carefully.

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